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Articles and advice on all aspects of groundworks, earthworks and plant hir services to the construction industry. Clark & Kent Contractors not only carries out all types of earthworks and construction work but also has a huge range of plant and equipment for hire. Please CONTACT US for more details.

JCB Roller 18120
Clark & Kent

Road rollers are usually hired for the construction or repair of pathways, tracks and roads although they can be used to compact large surfaces such as car parks, sports pitches and similar areas. With proper safety provision, a road roller is a simple and efficient way to prepare the ground before construction work begins.MORE

Driveway and garage
Clark & Kent

Drives, patios and paths should be built on a slope to ensure that surface water drains away quickly. It makes sense to use drainage channels to divert surface waterMORE

Surfacing block patio paving
Clark & Kent

Installing a driveway to your home or business is not a job for amateurs. Even a relatively short simple driveway on a domestic property should be installed by a professional.MORE

Woodcutter forest work chainsaw composite set
Clark & Kent

Chainsaws are capable of creating very great injury indeed. Chainsaw blades have razor sharp teeth revolving at high speed and, being handheld, are usually only a few inches from the body.MORE

Construction workers  in front of pile driver machine
Clark & Kent

Groundwork is the bedrock of any building project no matter how large or small. No building work can begin without proper ground works first.MORE

Digger demolishes building in site clearance operation
Clark & Kent

Site clearance contractors can be called in for a broad range of clearance and disposal activities including earthworks, soil levelling, rubble removal and even building demolition.MORE

JCB Tandem Roller VMT260
Clark & Kent

A road roller is a compaction machine used to compact soil, gravel, asphalt, stone or some other surface material. Rollers come in various types and their use depends on the job in hand.MORE

Six tonne dumper for hire
Clark & Kent

Dumper and tipper trucks used correctly can be a tremendous asset to construction and excavation work on building projects and dumper truck hire has many advantages.MORE

Worker fills cement concrete mixer
Clark & Kent

Concrete mixing for small jobs can often be done by hand in a wheelbarrow or a concrete mixing tray but for larger projects, you will need to hire a portable cement mixer.MORE

JCB 4CX digging ditch
Clark & Kent

Land drainage and how it works. The obvious purpose of land drainage is to remove excess water from fields, public grassed areas such as sports fields and football pitches and, last but not least, the humble domestic garden.MORE

Mini digger in a domestic garden
Clark & Kent

Mini diggers or compact excavators are a popular choice for construction projects of all types but you need to get a grip on which jobs suit them best. A mini digger can be used in a variety of situations and it's a valuable piece of equipment.MORE

CAT Caterpillar 259B skid steer
Clark & Kent

The skid steer is a small machine with a sophisticated auxiliary hydraulic system and an extensive range of labour-saving attachment options.MORE

Earthworks excavation
Clark & Kent

Bulk earth moving is often the first phase of any construction project whether it be site preparation, land profiling or landscaping. An initial earth-moving phase requires as much planning and preparation as any other aspect of the works.MORE

Line of tracked excavators for hire
Clark & Kent

Excavator hire is often essential for construction projects but there are things you need to consider before choosing a plant hire company.MORE

Clearing the site
Clark & Kent

Clark & Kent Contractors have years of experience in land clearance projects both large and small. They also have an extensive range of bulk earth moving machines and diggers.MORE

domestic block patio and boards
Clark & Kent

Laying a patio with slab paving can seem like a simple job but there are lots of traps for the unwary, and you will want to get this right first time. It is better on balance to call in the experts like Clark & Kent.MORE

Building a BMX track
Clark & Kent

Many roads, drives, pavements and parking areas require an underground base that not only spreads the load of the surface paving material but also provides adequate drainage as well as a sound base on which to lay the surfacing material.MORE

Dumper truck
Clark & Kent

Site dumpers account for around a third of all accidents reported on construction sites involving vehicles. Many accidents are serious and some even result in death so it is important to understand the dangers.MORE

Block patio paving
Clark & Kent

Block paving has been booming in recent years as householders have taken advantage of new developments in manufacture and lower prices. Block or brick paving also looks good on driveways, patios, yards and paths.MORE

CAT 301.4C mini excavator
Clark & Kent

Clark & Kent Services Plant Hire has taken delivery of a new CAT 301.4 mini hydraulic excavator to being compact versatility to our fleet of diggers for hire. The CAT 301 series have proved to be very popular with clients.MORE

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