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Clark & Kent Contractors can meet requirements on all aspects of digging footings, preparing trenches and building foundations for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

Clark & Kent has worked with some of the UK's largest companies to implement efficient and trench digging and footings solutions for a wide variety of projects.

The company provides the equipment and skilled labour, along with additional machines needed to complete any trenching task.

Using up-to-date machinery and expert operatives can reduce trenching costs significantly while maintaining the very highest quality of work.

Clark & Kent has experience in a comprehensive range of excavation projects ranging from domestic service pipe and drainage pipe installation to large scale commercial, retail and industrial schemes.

We have the specific machines needed for excavating foundations on a wide variety of projects. By using well-maintained excavators, dumpers or skid steers Clark & Kent can ensure that your foundations are dug correctly, in a safe and diligent manner.

We can complete a range of work and relevant tasks in trenching and footings work including;

  • Foundation marking out and excavation
  • Pouring of concrete footings mass filled
  • Backfilling and compaction in and around foundations
  • Block and beam floors
  • Concrete floors
  • Other screeded floors

As with everything we offer, we always take health and safety factors very seriously when executing work and comply with all the latest standards.

If you require any other information about this area of works, then please don't hesitate to contact us with regards to it. Please see the CONTACT page.

Footings are a crucial part of the foundations for all types of building and particularly when soil and ground conditions are problematic.

The digging out and laying of footings is best left to experts who can assess conditions correctly and set the proper dimensions of the structure they are intended to support.

At Clark & Kent, we have tremendous expertise is determining soil bearing capacity and building footings in all conditions and of all types.

Footing placement, excavation, depth, size and construction is crucial to any construction project and contractors must be up-to-date with the latest building regulations and health and safety at work practices.

Factors to consider in excavation footings and preparing the ground not only include the proposed dead weight and wind loads transmitted to the ground but assessing any potential for ground movement, swelling or shrinkage of the subsoil and possible landslip or subsidence.

Digging footings and laying foundations can be difficult, and this is a construction job that is best left to the professionals. Each footing and foundation must comply with relevant building regulations which will specify the dimensions required by the development plan and the type of ground.

Foundations and footings must take into account the location of drains and other pipework including any gas, oil and water pipes or underground electricity cables.

Once the footings have been dug to the required depth and the subsoil properly compacted, they are turned into foundations by concreting. It is important to assess the correct depth and the amount of concrete needed.

Whatever your requirements for trench digging, footings preparation and foundations we can help. The expert and experienced staff at Clark & Kent Contractors have carried out foundation digging services for many construction projects from small backyard buildings to large public works projects.

Just give us a call on 0630 672329 and we can advise on your project and offer a free quote for any construction project anywhere in the UK and abroad.

The Local Authority Building Control department has produced an excellent pocket guide to footings. Download it here.

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