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Clark & Kent Contractors stock a range of forward-tip dumper trucks from 3-tonne to 9-tonne. All our dumper hire trucks are supplied with roll-over protective structures (ROPS) and seat belt restraints to ensure the safety of all drivers.

Each type of dumper truck has its pros and cons depending on the application:

  • A 3-tonne dumper truck hire may be useful on a domestic job, small new builds or extensions and can be a very versatile tool in the forestry industry. Where size and speed matter, a 3-tonne dumper can prove to be the perfect solution for your task.
  • 6-tonne dumper trucks are heavier, bigger and more stable than their 3-tonne counterparts. They offer increased carrying capacity, speed and durability, although a larger working area is required to operate these machines. 6-tonne dumper hire is most suitable for housing projects, agricultural jobs, equestrian work. Along with driveway and footpath construction, the 6-tonne dumper can often be a building site favourite.
  • 9-tonne dumper trucks are one of the biggest capacity forward tipping dumpers available. They can be the most cost-effective solution and preferable to the large rear tipping dump truck which has a higher fuel consumption. These dumper trucks are more driver and user-friendly and, most importantly, they are a very safe dumper truck hire choice on the construction site.

Forward tip dumpers are essential to most building construction work as they can move materials and spoil quickly and efficiently. Their versatility and ability to cross rough terrain mean they can cope with a diverse range of tasks, from moving topsoil to transporting tarmac or bringing concrete to remote parts of a site where waggons cannot reach.

Please CONTACT US regarding your requirements for dumper truck hire.

Download the HSE factsheet on dumper truck driving safety.


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