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Clark & Kent Contractors have a fleet of vans for hire. The vans allow us to carry workforce, materials and tools to construction sites up and down the UK from our Midlands base.

We use VW vans for our many construction projects as they combine reliability, power and efficiency. Vans available for hire are:

  • VW Caddy Panel Vans.
  • VW Transporter SWB Vans
  • VW Transporter LWB vans

Please CONTACT US for a quote on van hire or to find out more.

VW Caddy Panel Vans

The Volkswagen Caddy is a compact panel van and a great all-rounder. Latest models feature advanced options that we feel give it the edge over its many high-spec rivals.

It comes in either standard or long-wheelbase versions, and load capacity depends on the version: the standard van gives you a 3.2-metre cube of cargo space while the Maxi jumps another metre cube to 4.2.

The basic Caddy platform has changed little over the years, but the engines and the technology have improved a lot. The Caddy has been the core small VW van since 1978 and proved so successful it has only warranted four makeovers in that time.

The current VW Caddy engine range has three TDI diesel options at 74bhp, 101bhp and 148bhp. Standard and Maxi wheelbase options give it a load length a tad under 1.8 metres, and rear access is through split side-hinged rear doors or a lifting tailgate. A sliding 0.7-metre side door is also standard. A nice touch is the hinged rear doors that open to 90° but swing out to 180° if you need it.

It's a sturdy van with plenty of safety equipment as standard and an impressive array of driver aids such as technology that monitors obstacles and a system that primes the brakes for an emergency stop.

Download the VW Caddy Van brochure

VW Transporter Vans

The Volkswagen Transporter van combines practical functionality with minimal design.

Launched in 203, updated in 2010 and getting another revamp in 2015 the no-nonsense design is well suited to the needs of operators at Clark & Kent.

The build quality of the Transporter is one of its best features, something we have all come to expect from the VW brand.

The van's cargo holding capacity is huge with the length varying from around 4.9 metres to 5.3 metres depending on the wheelbase.

Load volume all varies depending on the low, medium of high roof option which takes volume from 5.8 to 9.3 meters cubed. Payloads can vary too depending on the van model, from 749 kg to an enormous 1,333 kg.

Loading is through a metre-wide sliding nearside door while twin rear doors open out to either 90° or hundred and 80° and the rear loading height is nice and low.

Cargo is kept secure by floor mounted tie-down points, and the VW Transporter comes with a broad range of safety equipment including ABS braking. Adaptive cruise control and a driver alert system.

Download the VW Transporter Van brochure


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