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Clark & Kent Contractors can offer a broad range of solutions for your footpath or driveway construction, repair and maintenance needs.

We carry out complete driveway and footpath projects from inception to completion; this includes the excavations, drainage and sub-base surfacing through to the finished surfacing whether it be unbound, asphalt or block paving.

Our specialist equipment and skilled workforce mean we offer a very fast and efficient driveway or footpath solution no matter how difficult the location or complex the task.

All Clark & Kent footpath and driveway projects are durable, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, cost-effective and delivered on time.

We offer a bespoke solution to your roadway needs and cater for all manner of road, driveway and pathway surface finishes including:

  • Asphalt finished driveways.
  • Block paved entrances.
  • Gravel and stone drives
  • Pressed concrete approaches.
  • Resin bonded driveways.
  • All footpath work, paved, asphalt, brick or gravel.
  • All types of agricultural roads and tracks.

No driveway or footpath scheme is too large or small for Clark and Kent so CONTACT US for more information or to discuss your plans.

We are very proud of our good customer relations and work closely with clients to provide the services they need and to meet their exact surfacing requirements on time and within budget.

Footways are a much-observed part of the urban and rural environment and must be properly constructed and well maintained to ensure they are serviceable and safe for regular use over long periods of time.

When choosing materials for path, footway and drive design it is sensible to choose the right sub-base and the most appropriate surface materials, and here our expert knowledge can be put to good use.

Sub-bases must be firm and stable to cope with heavy daily use yet they must leave pores large enough to allow good drainage. Choosing the right sub-base material is essential.

Unbound surfaces, while cheaper, can deteriorate quickly with heavy use or poor weather while users such as cyclists will generally prefer a smoother bound surface.

Smoothness, usability and weathering factors should also be evaluated in the light of appearance, durability and maintenance implications when designing and building a footpath, cycle track or driveway.

Asphalt is increasingly favoured as a footway material as the smooth surface texture avoids the tripping hazards and cracking that is a feature of modular paving units like flags and slabs, although the latter, when laid correctly and expertly, can provide many years of use.

Unbound surfaces, however, can also be durable if a well-graded and tightly compacted aggregate is used in construction and when a good drainage scheme is implemented as well.

Paths and footway come in all sorts flavours. Some have a thin layer of bitumen emulation sprayed over base layers, and a surface dressing of stone chipping can create a very stable and long-lasting facility.

Clark & Kent has the expertise and experience to implement extensive footpath schemes from design to maintenance incorporating sustainable drainage systems that ensure efficient use and a long life.

Please, CONTACT US to talk about your footway or driveway construction needs. Our expert staff are always ready to discuss options and price plans to fit your budget.

Learn more about hiring a driveway contractor or installer, what to look out for and how to choose the best one.

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