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Clark & Kent Contractors stock a range of compact tracked skid steers for hire with an experienced driver or for self-drive.

Compact tracked skid steers are ideal earth moving tools and can quickly and efficiently strip sites and level hardcore in readiness for other machines to start operations.

They are also perfect for the last phase of building works where they can be employed for site laying finished surfaces with topsoil or sub-base materials.

The rugged design and high speed of tracked skid steers mean they can often be used in dual roles as both excavator and dumper.

This can be an extremely cost-effective solution for a groundworks project, reducing machine hire costs and operator overheads as well.

Clark & Kent has a broad range of tracked vehicles for skid steer hire. The skid steers machines can come with a low ground pressure option for efficient operations on softer ground. They are the perfect device for use in forming, landscaping and loading work. Skid steers have a stronger undercarriage and are classed as a machine to operate in the construction sector.

We prefer diggers and excavators built with rugged components which provide an ideal combination of power, reliability and superior balance which makes them excellent for groundworks and earth moving in even the toughest working conditions.

Along with track loaders, skid steers are among the most versatile pieces of equipment to be found on any construction site.

Tracked skid steers are ideal for digging, shovelling, loading or grading and these robust, compact machines can work in all types of conditions and conquer just about any job that is thrown at them,

Ground-hugging undercarriages and narrow chassis construction mean they are designed and engineered not only to hold fast on steep slopes but to work in confined spaces with small turning circles.

Modern track steers place great emphasis on driver view and comfort. Manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that track steer cabs are workplace environments where driver support will not only improve efficiency but increase safety too.

Today's track steers deliver more room, ergonomic controls and wide visibility all of which allow operators to work efficiently and manoeuvre more easily and confidently.

It is important to pick the right skid steer for the job at hand, and each type has its advantages.

Radial lift machines are excellent for digging and ground breaking operations, especially when used for mid-range work. Skid steer hire can also prove very useful for loading and unloading of smaller vehicles such as flatbed trailers and pick-ups.

Vertical lift machines will offer higher lifting heights and greater reach. Arms are usually kept close to the cab to improve stability when handling materials.

Skid steers with tyres not only give excellent traction and manoeuvrability on flat paved or concrete surfaces but are also easier to handle, with tighter turning circles and higher travel speeds.

Tracked skid steers, on the other hand, may be slower and less manoeuvrable but they do provide a very stable platform in a variety of ground conditions.

Skid steers with tracks have much greater contact with the ground, so loads are spread more evenly and over a larger area offering greater stability, particularly on uneven surfaces.

For expert help on which skid steer hire vehicle to use see our skid steer hire advice page or contact us here.


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