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Clark & Kent Contractors stock a full range of mini digger excavators of the highest quality, reliability and versatility for on-site use on construction sites or domestic properties.

We don't compromise on quality when it comes to mini digger hire, and all our machines come with quick hitches and a broad range of attachments that can be fitted as and when required.

Digger excavators are the most versatile of devices and the most popular of all our plant hire equipment, and Clark & Kent has built up close working relationships with suppliers over many years to ensure we are best placed to get the right plant hire machines where and when they are wanted.

Mini diggers are one of the most versatile and useful machines for any building project.They are most often employed in the construction industry on new-build projects where space can often be an issue.

A mini digger can carry out extensive work in a small amount of time and, crucially, in a relatively small area. The range of attachments allows them to be used for a wide array of tasks.

As well building sites, mini diggers are often used for other operations such as for landscaping projects, forestry work and small demolition projects.

Typical jobs for a compact excavator are ground clearance and trench digging on construction sites, garden landscaping and tree stump removal.

Also, mini digger hire can be a tremendous asset on housing extension projects or even inside buildings where they can undertake diverse tasks in a confined space.

Compact machines such as mini diggers can also be beneficial in the forestry sector. Again where access and egress can be problematic, a mini excavator provides a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of tasks.

Utilising a low ground pressure approach means that mini diggers can also help minimise the environmental impact when working in forests and or in environmentally sensitive areas.

Mini digger hire can also be extremely useful for domestic projects. Mini diggers can save time and money on smaller projects such as redesigning a back garden or laying out a driveway.

And, with a broad range of buckets and attachments to fit all types, mini digger hire is an excellent way to both maximise output and increase productivity.

Clark & Kent Contractors stock a wide range of mini diggers for hire including micro, 2.5-tonne and 3-tonne machines all of which come in zero tail swing — ideal where space is tight or where a precision excavation is needed.

Please call us on 01630 672329 to discuss your needs or use our CONTACT page.


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