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JCB Roller 18120
JCB Tandem Roller VMT260

Clark & Kent Contractors stock a range of vibratory ride-on rollers from 800 mm to 1.2 metres in width for construction site and surfacing projects across the UK.

If you can't find what you're looking for on the website, please CONTACT US as we will probably be able to help.

Our compaction rollers can handle many surfacing projects including new construction or repairs to paths and drive, hard shoulders, cycle paths, school playgrounds and sports grounds such as tennis courts, parks, yards and driveways, as well as agricultural and forestry road and track construction.

Our rollers can cope with all types of earthwork and asphalt projects and new or repair work for large, medium and small-scale construction projects, for example, car parks, cycle paths and road construction.

Our rollers are easy to operate by experienced drivers, and they can be easily manoeuvred for working on roads, parking areas as well as trench backfills and building foundations, among other things.

We are confident that the machines they provide have exceptional capabilities in the small roller category. Our roller hire range includes reliable, powerful machines that can meet your rolling and compaction needs, small and large.

These highly versatile rollers can handle a wide variety of compaction tasks to include footpath and driveway construction, sub-base surfacing and asphalt surfacing.

Using modern vibratory roller machines, we have found that consolidation and compaction of materials have never been easier. Smaller construction sites or those with difficult access can benefit from small, single drum roller hire. These machines are easy to manoeuvre in tight areas yet able to vibrate and compact all types of surface.

A ride-on vibratory roller id for more heavy-duty compaction and more suitable for large areas of sub-base layered stone or for surface treatment of layered asphalt. Despite being larger and heavier machines, they are still very manoeuvrable.

A vibrating roller is ideal for compacting earthwork or sub-base layers or for finishing work on asphalt areas. They can be used for new construction and repairs to pavements, yards or driveways and for play areas, tennis courts and sports grounds as well as agricultural and forestry projects.

Rollers for hire can come with sprinkler systems, vibration-dampened steering rods and throttle regulators.

#Compaction Plates for Hire

On certain projects, especially those with access issues, space constraints or limited budgets then ride-on vibrating rollers may not be suitable.

In these cases, there is no problem as we also stock a vast range of compaction plates for hire in varying sizes and weights.

These include the Belle Range of compaction plates such as the PCLX 300, PCLX 320, PCLX 400 and the PCX 400 models. Download brochure on Belle PCXL Compaction Plates

All of the listed compaction plates for hire have 8-hour HAVS compliance meaning that the workforce can operate more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

Clark & Kent can hire a broad range of handheld plate compactors, tampers, tandem rollers, trench and soil compactors. Our range of compaction equipment for hire can increase your productivity and the compaction efficiency of our products will allow you to squeeze more from your daily schedule.

Please contact us with your requirements and don't hesitate to ask about Tool Hire.


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