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Clark & Kent Contractors carry out all types of land drainage for the domestic, commercial and agricultural sectors. We work with some of the UK's largest companies to design and implement efficient and resourceful solutions to land drainage problems.

The company prides itself on its expertise, experience and specialist knowledge and experience in the field of land drainage for customers across the UK.

This includes everything from digging land drains, trenching, utility laying and sports field drainage through to the construction of ACO slot drainage systems and discharge channels in car parks.

Our trained staff use the latest equipment for all land drainage tasks, including laser measurements and GPS technology, while our land drainage machinery is kept up-to-date, fully serviced and well maintained.

Clark & Kent Contractors' client base includes large landowners, utility companies, local authorities, farmers, sports clubs, landscape firms and private domestic clients.

All land drainage systems can be installed by our skilled workforce with packages individually tailored to each project.

And because all the work is carried out in-house using our modern drain laying equipment, it means we can progress projects quickly and efficiently and provide the best possible standards of finish and quality.

Please CONTACT CLARK & KENT with your requirements to see how we can assist with your land drainage project.

Channel Drains

Channel drains can be used to take surface water from areas. They are used anywhere that needs an open grate channel to funnel excess water to a nearby soakaway or storm drain. They can be seen in car parks, patios, driveways and playgrounds.

Channel drains are a versatile and efficient drainage system that is often used for commercial and domestic properties.

Clark & Kent is familiar with the polymer and concrete channel drainage systems, and our workforce can provide lightweight, robust and unobtrusive drainage in most domestic and light commercial situations.

Domestic driveways, patios and paths are often built on a slope to help water drain into the surrounding soil. But those with a large paved area or those who have heavy clay soil may find that a channel drain is necessary to ensure that water never collects to cause local flooding as they direct excess water away to a dispersal point.

Land drainage solutions

We are also familiar with the use of heavy duty channels that can enable excellent drainage for large paved or blocked areas and we have substantial experience in designing and building extensive land drainage systems.

Our expert staff has wide knowledge and experience of working in 'difficult' conditions that require a creative solution to land drainage problems.

Clark & Kent has designed and built a large number of large, medium and small-scale drainage schemes for public and private clients. We have years of experience in tackling a broad range of drainage problems in the UK and overseas.

Clark & Kent has a full range of plant and equipment to allow proper drainage systems to be designed and installed.

Budget solutions for land drainage

We are adept at installing drainage in a short period, and for clients on a tight budget, we can tailor designed to meet specific needs. Drainage channels can be backfilled with pebble, pea gravel and free draining sand to provide secondary back-up to main drains.

No matter what the surface, from tarmacadam to turf, good drainage is a necessary and essential aspect of any groundworks project. Drainage schemes not carried out correctly can lead to waterlogging and flooding problems in the future which can prove hard to remedy.

So it is essential to get good drainage right from the beginning which is why we provide clients with a variety of custom land drainage solutions.

Clerk and Kent Contractors can implement drainage schemes in many areas, and clients can rely on us for efficient and long-lasting solutions in:

  • Land drainage
  • Pipeline laying
  • Environmental projects
  • Sports field drainage
  • Excavation work
  • Agricultural drain jetting
  • Plant hire

Clark & Kent has the expertise to get the draining work right first time and to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective drainage and land erosion solution for your needs.

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