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Let the experts construct your driveway

Driveway construction may seem relatively simple on the surface and amateurs may feel tempted to install a driveway themselves rather than call in a professional contractor.

All too often DIY enthusiasts realise the job is far more difficult than it seems and they can find themselves forced to call in the experts and ask them to finish the driveway construction properly.

Installing a driveway to your home or business is not a job for amateurs, and it is far more sensible to call in a professional driveway installer from the outset.

DIY driveways can cause problems

No matter what the scale of the project, constructing a driveway is a project that can be fraught with problems and pitfalls.Even a relatively short simple driveway on a domestic property should be installed by a professional.

There so many things to consider before even starting a driveway installation project such as the nature of the subsoil, the drainage requirements, the pros and cons of different types of surface, its depth and the traffic that it is likely to experience.

While constructing a gravel driveway can be relatively straightforward, the installer will still need access to the heavy equipment required for surface soil removal and for levelling and compacting a lot of gravel.

Even the average homeowner with a short driveway should leave installation to the professionals who can save valuable time and money by constructing the drive more quickly, more efficiently and to a higher standard.

Questions to ask a driveway contractor

There are a number of questions you need to ask of driveway contractors before signing them up to carry out the work. First is to check out any previous driveway or other surfacing projects that the company has undertaken.

Many new start-ups do not have the requisite skills or experience to do a first-class job. An established driveway contractor will have the right equipment and experienced staff on hand to carry out the full project in-house. There is little point in hiring a contractor to carry out the work only to have them contract the actual work to someone else.

More questions on driveway construction

Next, make sure the company has the proper insurance cover and is fully aware of the health and safety regulations for the task at hand. Do not accept vague assurances about this. A fully registered company with an established track record will have all these things in place and be ready to produce the correct documentation at the drop of a hat.

It is always a good idea to quiz the contractor on specialist knowledge of the project such as the best kind of drainage, which aggregate to use, sub-base compaction and grading. A competent professional will not be 'thrown' by any questions of this type and will show mastery of all the technical requirements for the project.

Check out the customer service

Do not underestimate your personal 'feel' for the firm and the people involved. Experienced companies will pride themselves on customer service and willingness to listen to the client. If a driveway contractor comes across as indifferent or dismissive, trying to contact or hard to understand, you can be pretty sure this will extend to the project itself.

When looking to land the driveway job, contractors will usually be on their best behaviour and at their most attentive. If they come across as unfriendly when competing for your trade, imagine how they might be after they have taken your cash and driven off.

Meeting your driveway installation needs

The final test is making sure the actual contract covers all aspects of the work including drainage, materials delivery, extra work, total cost and payment schedule as well as any guarantees against poor quality or time delays.

Fortunately, Clark & Kent Contractors can meet all these requirements and more. The company has experience, expertise and equipment to carry out a broad range of footpath or driveway installation project, including repair and maintenance of existing schemes.

All work is carried out in-house, and this includes the excavations, drainage and sub-base laying and finished surfacing whether it be unbound, asphalt or block paving. Clark & Kent has its own specialist equipment and a skilled workforce, so there are no delays in driveway installation no matter how difficult the location or complex the project. Find out more about Clark & Kent driveway and path construction services her.

Prestige projects include groundworks construction of BMX tracks across the UK and abroad, including groundworks and landscaping for the 2012 Olympic Park in London. Clark & Kent can deliver driveway projects that are durable, cost-effective and timely while their customer service is second to none.

Please, CONTACT US to talk to Clark & Kent about your driveway installation needs.


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