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Clearing the site

Site clearance and land clearance can mean many different things — from digging out a few tree stumps to preparing a site for building works, from major reclamation work to the removal of hazardous materials.

No matter what the scale of land clearing operations it is best to put together a proper site clearance plan first.

All site clearance should be carried out quickly, efficiently, cheaply and with full awareness of any health and safety regulations both on and off the site.

Safety matters in site clearance

Site safety comes into play even before a single digger moves in to start any site clearance work.

People visiting the site must be warned about any construction and clearance work about to begin, and signs must be erected to warn visitors against entering the site while unsupervised.

Hard hats, for example, must not only be supplied to workers clearing the site but to any visitors also, so it's a good idea to have several on hand for those who arrive on site without the required safety equipment.

Site clearance materials

The clearance of any construction or landscape site may result in many different types of material and waste that need to be moved or disposed of.

Not only should the site be cleared of rubble or unwanted soil and vegetation, but it may also require the removal of hazardous or contaminated waste material.

For this reason alone, it is essential that site clearance is carried out by trained professionals who will be aware of the rules and regulations governing the removal and disposal of hazardous waste.

As the cost of dumping waste on landfill sites increases it is important to check on what site clearance services are on offer that includes reusing and recycling materials to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Site clearance machinery

Site clearance usually involves the use of heavy or specialist machinery.
Clearance may involve the demolition of existing buildings or bulk earthworks to get a site in good condition.

Specialist equipment may be required to clear the land of all sorts of debris, from underground cables to derelict buildings.

A professional site clearance firm will have access to the best equipment and the resources to tackle almost any kind of site clearance project.

Any heavy machinery will need to be operated by fully trained and skilled professionals to both reduce the risk of damage to the site the chances of injury or accidents.

Site clearance can be carried out as part of a wider contract that may include other enabling works or facilitating works such as soil stabilisation or the construction of access roads.

Waste management planning

Before starting work on site clearance, it is essential to develop a site waste management plan (SWMP) first.

The plan should regulate how any waste material will be managed and disposed of. The programme should also include any schemes to re-use and recycle materials.

If there is any contaminated or hazardous waste on the site then professional disposal experts must be called in to ensure materials are handled safely.

Clark & Kent site clearance services

Clark & Kent Contractors have years of experience in land clearance projects both large and small. They also have an extensive range of bulk earth moving machines and diggers.

The company has been providing a broad range of professional site clearance and demolition services both public and private construction sectors for many years and has the knowledge and expertise to deliver effective land clearance projects on time and within budget.

Every site clearance project is different and has its problems. Clark & Kent Contractors has worked on a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial sites each of which has its particular challenges and demands.

Our staff have not only the skills and experience to solve these problems but has in-house access to a wide range of modern, well-maintained plant hire equipment.

Clark & Kent Contractors has a wide range of site clearance services. Call us now on 01630 672329


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