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Earthworks excavator
Earthworks excavation

Bulk earth moving is often the first phase of any construction project whether it be site preparation, land profiling or landscaping and earthworks projects need to be built on firm foundations.

An initial earth-moving phase on a building site requires as much planning and preparation as any other aspect of the works.

If a significant amount of earth-moving is needed, then the preparation may also need to include site surveying, logistics, volumetric assessment and the access available for bulk excavation equipment and materials.

Clients may also need to consider the potential re-use of excavated bulk materials, the on and off-site facilities for shifting and storing significant amounts of soil and also the disposal of waste, particularly on potentially contaminated brownfield sites.

Experts in bulk earthworks projects

Clark & Kent Contractors has an in-house team that is expert in all fields of bulk earth-moving and disposal. We can provide efficient and cost-effective site clearance, plant for bulk excavation and waste disposal for all manner of industrial, commercial and residential construction projects across the UK

The experienced staff at Clark & Kent can complete all the necessary preparation and implementation of earthworks projects on any scale including topsoil stripping, cut and fill, excavation works, hard and soft landscaping, on-site recycling and restoration of brownfield sites.

As anyone in the groundworks business will know the management and execution of bulk earth-moving and waste disposal have become more demanding as regulations grow and constraints on development become more complex.

Learn more about Clark & Kent groundworks services here.

Stay up-to-date and flexible

It is vital that earthworks operational staff work closely with clients at all stages of the development and Clark & Kent, through tears of experience, are very flexible in meeting the needs of customers and understanding their individual requirements.

It is essential to keep up-to-date with all the legal obligations that come on stream as the earthworks industry evolves to ensure that site clearance and earth-moving projects are completed safely, on schedule and within budget.

To this end Clark & Kent carry out regular checks and monitoring of all bulk earth-moving work to ensure any excavation, dozing, loading, storage and disposal works are safe, efficient and effective on all sizes and types of project.

From pre-operational surveys through health and safety procedures and to the potential environmental impact of bulk earth-moving projects, Clark & Kent delivers with professional care, attention to detail and a service that meets clients' exact specifications.

For more on earth-moving see our earthworks page or contact us for advice or a free quote.


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