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Hiring a dumper truck for a construction job, large or small, can save a great deal of time and money.

Dumpers are adept at moving materials quickly and easily, and many construction site projects rely heavily on dumper trucks and regard them as a vital piece of machinery.

The main reason for dumper truck hire on building sites is for moving earth, debris and other loose materials from one part of the site to another.

Materials such as bricks, blocks, cement and timber can be shifted relatively quickly and with a minimum use of labour, especially if used in conjunction with a digger or similar excavator.

Modern dumper trucks are not only safer to operate they are also very fuel efficient, so they work out even cheaper to run than their old-fashioned counterparts.

It is always advisable to use an experienced driver as accidents with dumper trucks are all too frequent with many incidents reported every year along with a significant number of injuries.

Anyone considering dumper hire should make themselves aware of the dangers and take all precautions to ensure that machines are used safely and appropriately.

Get advice on dumper truck hire

Dumper trucks for hire from Clark and Kent Services are always in excellent working order and regularly serviced to ensure the best quality service and safe operation.

A professional team of experts is always on hand to offer advice on the safe use of equipment to prevent accidents and efficient operation.

Customers can expect the best advice and guidance on how to use plant hire equipment and the best type of dumper truck for any particular requirements.

Clark & Kent has produced a quick guide to safety and accident prevention when using dumper truck hire.

  • Only use experienced and trained drivers for dumper truck operations.
  • Use markers on building sites to keep dumper trucks away from trenches and spoil heaps.
  • Always load dumper trucks on a solid flat surface, never on slopes or slippery ground.
  • When loading a dumper truck always ensure brakes are on, the machine is in neutral gear and ensure that any added weight is distributed evenly.
  • Similarly, when tipping loads, the brake should be applied and the machine gears set to neutral.
  • Dumper trucks should always be driven slowly and carefully, but this applies in particular on slopes or uneven ground.
  • Never get on or off the dumper when it is being loaded or when it is moving or drive it with the dumper bucket in the vertical position.

These are only the basic dos and don'ts of dumper truck operations and should not be considered a definitive list. There are plenty of other dangers in using dumpers on construction sites.

Dumper trucks can sometimes be loaded with potentially hazardous materials. Loads with sharp protruding edges that could cause injury to people standing nearby and insecure loads could cause serious injury if they fall off while the vehicle is manoeuvring over steep terrain.

It can often be other construction site workers that are hurt when a dumper truck is misused. Drivers are well protected by roll bars and seat belts, but other workers can be placed in danger by an inexperienced dumper driver.

Construction site managers have a special responsibility to create safe loading areas and routes, away from steep slopes, trenches and regions where workers may be operating.

There is more advice on dumper driving safety here, and the Health & Safety Executive publishes a broad range of downloadable material on their website.

Advantages of dumper truck hire

Dumper and tipper trucks used correctly, however, can be a tremendous asset to construction and excavation work on building projects and hiring a dumper has many advantages.

One of the biggest benefits of using a hired vehicle is the range of truck sizes that can be made available and leased as and when they are needed.

Dumpers hired from a professional company such as Clark Kent Services have all been serviced regularly and well maintained, leaving clients to get on with their core activities and not be concerned about maintaining a fleet of machines.

Using dumper hire is a good way to avoid the cost overheads associated with the purchase, maintenance, storage of specialist equipment. Dumpers can come in several configurations and clients can choose the best machine for the job.

Dumper hire from Clark & Kent Services

All dumper trucks hired from Clark & Kent are tried and tested machines in good working order. In rare cases where a hired dumper does break down, it can be quickly repaired or replaced.

Machines can be delivered quickly and efficiently to the appropriate construction site and removed when they are no longer required. And because Clark & Kent's is based in the Midlands and close to the motorway network, equipment can be delivered quickly and at very short notice.

What matters is that a dumper truck hired from Clark and Kent will be high quality, reliable machines that are maintained and on hire for a very reasonable cost.

A dumper truck hired with an experienced and professional driver will ensure that any work required will be carried out rapidly and safely, minimising costs and avoiding any unnecessary delays.

In summary, dumpers are versatile machines used for lifting and transporting bulk materials such as soil, bricks, blocks and concrete. They save time and money on any construction site.

Hiring a dumper is much more cost efficient than buying and maintaining one which may lie idle for weeks or even months and which will need regular servicing and maintenance.

Dumpers can be hired at short notice and delivered to a construction site as and when required and an ideal option for clients looking to trim budgets and carry out construction work rapidly and efficiently.


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