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Hiring a mini digger or excavator

Mini diggers or compact excavators are a popular choice for construction projects of all types and sizes, but you need to get a grip on where to use them and which jobs suit them best.

A mini digger can be used in a variety of situations, and it's a valuable piece of equipment that can make many realively heavy construction jobs much easier, cheaper and safer.

There are many tasks that a compact excavator can perform, but there are others that are best carried out by other machines and machine tools.

Mini diggers are powerful machines

Despite its name, the compact or mini excavator is a relatively large and powerful machine that needs to be driven by an experienced operator.

It is only considered small in relation to its bigger siblings and digger can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Mini digger may differ from their regular counterparts in being smaller and lighter, but they can still weigh up to eight tonnes, tasks and come with powerful engines and hydraulics as well as many different attachments such as trenching buckets, breakers, compactors, clamps, rippers and so on.

Typical jobs for a mini digger

With a qualified and experienced driver, a mini digger can accomplish a lot in a little time and, crucially, in a small space. The number of available attachments means they can be used for a wide array of tasks.

Mini diggers are most often used for smaller operations such as landscaping, forestry, light construction and smaller demolition projects. Typical jobs for a compact excavator can include:

  • Garden landscaping
  • Trench digging for footings or drainage channels
  • Demolishing small structures
  • Removing tree stumps and undergrowth
  • Digging holes and inserting fence posts

Attachments for digging and demolition are the most commonly required in digger hire projects, but others include augers, compaction wheels, buckets, compactor plates and rippers.

About compact digger hire

There are a number of things to consider before hiring a mini digger. Their small footprint and powerful tools make them incredibly useful and versatile, but they do have their limitations.

First, consider the conditions in which the digger will have to operate. The weight of the machine could be a major factor on terrain which is unstable or steeply sloped.

Compact excavators can come with wheels or tracks. Wheels are a good choice where the ground is smooth and flat such as on concrete or tarmac and especially indoors while tracks of steel or toughened rubber are better in rough terrain such as dirt, gravel and rock.

You will need to make sure that the boom attachments will be long enough to complete the task. Different compact diggers will have different dig depths, so you need to know how far it will reach. It's the same with the height.

Safety guidelnes for mini diggers

Mini excavators will have a rotating cab where the operator drives, manoeuvres and controls the machine.

They are very different to drive than standard vehicles, and an experienced and trained operator is not only safer but is also likely to evaluate and execute the job much more quickly.

Although there are general safety guidelines for mini digger operations, many will come with specific instructions for use by the manufacturer. The driver must be aware of any particular precautions for a specific machine.

Hiring a mini digger driver

Although small, mini diggers are very powerful machines and can be dangerous and cause damage if operated incorrectly. Varying ground conditions can require different techniques and only an experienced operator will be able to use the digger efficiently and safely.

The driver will also need to know not only how to use the digger but also how to remove and add attachments cleanly and securely.

Compact excavators can make many construction and demolition projects much easier and more quickly in many locations, in the home, the garden or on smaller construction sites. But mini diggers are powerful and rugged machines that are best operated by trained professionals.

Clark & Kent Contractors has a wide range of mini diggers and excavators for hire. Call us now on 01630 672329


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