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Site clearance and waste disposal services offered by Clark & Kent are the ideal solutions for all projects from small-scale building sites to large or difficult terrains and from building demolition to waste removal.

Site clearance is an important first step in most construction and building projects and the success of any land development scheme usually depends on advanced preparation.

Developers often rely on a building site clearance contractor to get the job done and
Clark & Kent Contractors are expert at site clearance services and preparing construction sites for future development.

As a groundwork contractor, our primary procedure is getting a site clear and safe. The clearance may involve removing buildings, both residential and commercial, dismantling structures, breaking up concrete, removing vegetation and uprooting trees, disposing of surplus soil and debris, and general landscaping work to ensure the site is ready for the next phase of construction.

Our fully trained and experienced staff can handle a broad variety of materials including earthworks, trees, shrubs and other vegetation, building materials, concrete, asphalt, metals, general waste and even fly-tipping rubbish.

We have diggers, excavators and trucks capable of removing very large amounts of material quickly and efficiently, recycling wherever possible. Our machines are regularly tested and serviced to ensure safe working practice and to minimise any running costs.

When the first phase of a project is complete, Clark & Kent has the capacity to move on to excavation work and carrying out preparatory activity for foundations and drainage. To support our large fleet of equipment, we have support services that ensure smooth operations on site.

Site clearance can require a broad range of skills and it is not just about the removal of waste or clearing rubbish. Clearance may also need input from landscaping specialists, demolition experts and staff adept at handling hazardous waste.

A large building site clearance undertaking may require proper legal risk assessments and waste management plans. Heavy machinery such as plant excavators, tipper trucks and dumpers may also be required, along with experienced and trained drivers who can use them safely and efficiently.

Clark & Kent Contractors operates in a safe, efficient manner, caring for the environment and advising clients on best practice throughout the site clearance phase.

Health and safety are an important aspect of any business, and we assign site-specific project managers to ensure that full risk assessments are conducted, together with monitoring the procedures of our own workforce.

The importance of site clearance in terms of safety and efficiency cannot be overstated and we employ a third party health and safety consultant to guide us through the project, provide information and feedback and to carry out on-site compliance tests and even produce reports where necessary.

Outside consultants are a valuable resource, particularly for larger projects. It means our staff can get on with the site clearance knowing that health and safety issues are all in hand.

Site clearance is quite an open term, and it can mean many things. Here is a list of common projects that we deal with on a regular basis:

  • Site stripping and storage of materials, including the removal of topsoil, subsoil, etc.
  • Organic material removal and disposal which may involve the recycling or shredding of anything — from overgrown fields to the elimination of hedgerows.
  • Reduced level digs to existing sites including removal from the location or redistributing, forming and compaction in another location.
  • The creation of site access roads from oversite levels.
  • Clearing, regrading and compaction of agricultural or equestrian routes.

These are only a few typical examples of the type of work we can carry out. If your particular scheme is not mentioned here, do not worry. Please CONTACT CLARK & KENT, and we will do our very best to meet your requirements.


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